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There is nothing like a Small Hall Session: Take a tiny place out the back of beyond. Take an attentive audience all on the same wavelength. Take a glass of our finest and a bowl of something delicious. Take a sky full of stars and an evening in the quiet country air.

Take a moment.

You bring your big heart and your open mind to our small halls. We bring the music.

It’s a night that will stay with you for days and weeks, performance that’s heart-felt and soul-full, lyrics that will linger on your ear and have you humming all the way home.

You may never have heard of this new find before, or they might be an old favourite re-imagined and re-discovered. From the first bars to the encore, each offering is a gift. What better way to receive it than in a beautiful setting, with like-minded people, far away from hustle and bustle. Take a chance on a Small Hall Session.

Small Halls Sessions are an ode to our love affair with the rural heart of NZ. These are the out-of-the-way places. The worth-the-effort places. The you’ll-know-it-when-you-find-it places. Their architecture and essence is heady with community pride, celebration and connection. The music floating out on the night air draws us in, the chatter from within welcomes us.

Audiences say: “The closeness and the connection with the artist are what makes these special.” “What a great formula the sessions are, being intimate, affordable and of extremely high calibre.” “I feel transported to an earlier time when folks gathered more regularly in these places to enjoy music together.”

“Friendly, intimate and music-centric with a beautifully curated line-up of incredibly talented musicians from around Aotearoa. The Sessions are firmly entrenched as an integral and necessary part of the cultural fabric of the region.”

Since 2020, through pandemics, panics, crises and chaos, the world thrown asunder, something special took root and blossomed: Small Hall Sessions. Clocking up 200 shows (give or take), the crew that’s brought you Tami, Reb, Jenny, Jackie, Julia, Nadia, Delaney, Barry, Lawrence and everyone else is jazzed to deliver more Small Hall delights to hungry ears in 2024.

Call yourself a true fan? Join us as a Long Haller.

Nga mihi Nui

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Dave Kahn Solo

Tuesday 2nd July

Saturday 14th September

Sunday 15th September

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Mel Parsons

Otane Town Hall – Wednesday 9th October

Sherenden Community Hall – Thursday 10th October

Ashley Clinton/ Makaretu Community Hall – Friday 11th October

Maraekakaho Community Hall – Saturday 12th October

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